Film Scoring

Music Production

  • Film Scoring (click to reveal/hide)

              An original score can make the most intense moments more gripping, comedies more funny and tragedies deeply poignant. All productions "come alive" as music gives your work a soul and emotional center. The player below contains themes created for corporate projects as well as samples from the  feature length film "Equilibrium" (2012). Notice how the story and characters seem to change for each image as different pieces of music play over them.  –– Use the scroll bar on the right of the player to discover each piece. Or just press play and listen to all of the samples.

  • Music Production (click to reveal/hide)

     Amber Room Studios is also able to produce every kind of music. Perhaps you need to record vocals for a Internet collaboration,  or a producer for a new album or an original song  the Amber Room can help. The player to the right features music created by product503. It is a collection of electro-pop/experimental music with a symphonic undertone and some unexpected surprises.